For foodies, wine aficionados, and anyone who wants to experience the vibrant lifestyle of Australia,Adelaide is the place to be. Nestled in southern Australia, Adelaide is home to a wide range of international immigrants that has made the city a popular destination to experience different cultures and cuisines all in one city. The city has been called the 20-minute city because of how easy it is to get around the city with a rental car. Just outside of Adelaide you can visit the famous Adelaide Hills or visit major beaches on the south coast of Australia.

Things to do in Adelaide

The best time to visit Adelaide is during the Australian Autumn months in March to May. Not only does the weather stay fair with warm days and mild nights, it is also the time of year that the Tasting Australia festival takes place in the city. Rich with culture and a growing food scene, Adelaide is the perfect lifestyle city to visit. Here are some of the attractions Adelaide has to offer:

• Visit the famous Adelaide Central Market and taste farm-fresh Australia fruits and vegetables as well as homemade smoke meats, cheeses, and other farm-to-table ingredients.

• Take a stroll through the vast network of laneways in Adelaide to discover the multicultural cuisine offered in the heart of the city. From delicious sushi to unforgettable Serbian cuisine andtapas, you can find anything to fit your cravings in Adelaide.

• Visit The East End to get your hands on designer clothes, quirky gifts, and all kinds of homewares.

• Hire a rental car and explore the beaches or visit the Adelaide Hills to relax and recharge.

Car Hire Adelaide

Whether you are planning to explore the rich heritage and culture the melting pot city has to offer or plan on taking day trips to the beach or Hills, getting around Adelaide with a rental car is extremely easy.To get the best rates from the world’s leading car hire companies, use Car Hire Nation today. It’s quick, simple, and perfect for your Australian vacation.

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