The largest city in the country, Sydney is the most internationally recognized city in Australia (often being confused as the capital city). The city is situated on the Southeast coast of the country, sitting right next to the Tasman Sea and offers a wide range of mixes man-made wonders (such as the Sydney Opera House) as well as natural marvels (such beaches, harbour islands, and much more) that make it the perfect travel destination.

sydney-harbour-bridge-300x240Things To Do In Sydney

With a temperate climate, Sydney is a great place to visit all year but the absolute best time to visit is in late December to early February when the temperatures are warmest and the chances of rain are lowest. With so much to do in Sydney you will always find new places to explore and exciting activities to enjoy. Here are a few things you should consider doing in Sydney:

• Climb the Harbour Bridge for a stunning view of the city.

• Take a guided tour of the iconic Sydney Opera House.

• Rent a car in Sydney and discover the sprawling urban city first hand.

• Join a walking tour that goes through The Rock to get a unique perspective on Australia’s earliest settlement.

• Ride a Sydney Ferry around the harbour.

• Visit the Royal Botanic Gardens.

• Take a Bondi to Coogee walking tour and discover beaches right outside the city.

Get Around The City

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